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The universal USB charging station with FIVE exceptional technical features


Here’s all you need to know:

Dock!me is a phone dock that gives you freedom. It lets you charge any Micro-USB compatible smartphone while you use it at the time. But the unparalleled difference between Dock!me and other phone docks is that it won’t damage your phone, so you can operate it with zero stress.



Height: 80 mm

Width: 70 mm

Length: 100 mm

Weight: 280 g




A double sided USB plug means you can use any smartphone with a USB socket, regardless of its orientation – because your phone’s design shouldn’t limit your ability to use it, especially while it charges. A spring mechanism ensures that the weight of your phone is distributed equally so the phone’s USB plug does not get damaged.


The USB-C connector is up and coming. We are working on integrating the USB-C connector.

Therefore, you have the choice – a Dock!me with a double sided USB plug or a Dock!me with an USB-C connector.


A hallmark feature of the Dock!me is its adjustability, meaning you can plug in your phone regardless of its thickness, whether or not you choose to use a case. 7mm in space facilitates this adjustability, meaning you can plug in phones of most sizes.


Dock!me has a strong, gravity-defying design so the dock won’t flip over when you charge your phone. It was built with a spring mechanism that provides it with perfect support from the bottom, so it stays in one place.


As an added measure of safety, Dock!me is also engineered with a salamander pad that strengthens its ability to stand its ground. That means your smartphone stays in place when charging and doesn’t move left and right while you operate it, swiping the screen with your fingers.


Dock!me’s small, sleek design packs a lot of power. Two steel blocks are built into Dock!me, giving it additional resistance to flipping or even the most minor slip-ups.

Dock!me fits your lifestyle

Between Dock!me’s five unparalleled features and its sleek design, Dock!me gives you freedom. It’s desirable to use in any given setting – whether you’re facilitating a meeting, or spending time in the office. With Dock!me, it’s easy for you to use your smartphone, whether you’re playing music, sending emails, or browsing the Internet. You can choose between six contemporary colours to fit your lifestyle.















Dock!me is an innovative communication tool conceptualized with the idea that just as smartphones become more powerful each year, the way we use them should too. We created Dock!me using a futuristic mentality. Today it still rivals other docks that damage the charging socket of the user’s phone. Dock!me eliminates this problem – an indication that it’s dependable and of high-quality. We believe people should be able to charge and use their phone at the same time, safely. Dock!me’s socket won’t become loose and you’ll never have to worry about its gravity-defying design falling over.

Altogether, Dock!me helps boost your productivity while safeguarding what’s one of the most salient pieces of real estate in your life. And that, of course, is your smartphone.

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